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CIESD is an Italian industrial company which since 1979 has been extruding, by the bubble process and using its own technology,
Twistable PVC Film and Shrinkable PVC Film.
Throughout the years, the requirements of the market and our willingness to offer a more accurate, precise and dedicated service have allowed CIESD a continuous investment programme inserting new production processes such as rotogravure printing, lamination, metallization and de-metallization of flexible films.
This long lasting production experience, the continuous technological updating and the assiduous research for new solutions have allowed our company to affirm itself as the leading company in the production and conversion of flexible packaging both on the domestic market as well as the international one, with particular attention to the Twisting sector.
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CIESD Srl - Via Brughiera, 42/44 - 20010 Pregnana Milanese (MI) Italy